Every summer for the past 40 years, Ariel Ministries has welcomed students of all ages from many countries to join us for our intensive Bible teaching from a messianic Jewish Perspective held at Camp Shoshanah. After so many years of successful summer camps, which eventually developed into our six-week Program of Messianic Jewish Studies, we are pleased to announce the much anticipated grand opening of Ariel’s School of Messianic Jewish Studies (ASMJS) in September of 2015. Nestled in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York, ASMJS will offer a one-year non-accredited Bible certificate program designed to lead young men and women into a deeper understanding of God’s word from a Messianic Jewish perspective. Please contact our school registrar as listed below for further information. Plan and prepare now to come and study with us!

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  • Ariel Ministries
  • P.O. Box 792507
  • San Antonio, TX 78279-2507
  • Tel: (210) 344-7707
  • School Registrar: Please contact Chris Nikkel, Ariel's Home Office Administrator
  • Ariel's School of Messianic Jewish Studies
  • 838 Trout Pond Road
  • Keeseville, NY 12944
Ariel's School of Messianic Jewish Studies - Campus