Every summer for the past 41 years, Ariel Ministries has welcomed students of all ages from many countries to join us for our Messianic discipleship program held at Camp Shoshanah. It is nestled in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York, and provides the perfect setting for our newly expanded six week program of rich Bible study, fellowship and fun. You can attend from 1 to 6 weeks of the Program depending on your schedule. Our program centers on the grounding and growth of believers through in-depth study of the Scriptures from a Jewish perspective. The time of Bible study combined with worship, fellowship, and the beautiful surroundings, makes our summer program the perfect retreat for refreshment and renewal of your faith. If you have any questions, our camp staff is ready to answer them. Call (518) 834-6057. Click here for the complete 2015 brochure.

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Course Syllabus:

Week 1 (July 6 - 10)

OT SurveyDr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum — This course will provide an overview of the whole Hebrew Bible showing how the poetical and prophetic books fit within the historical segments of the Old Testament. It will trace God’s special program for the Jewish people both past and future.

Messianic DiscipleshipMichael Gabizon — The course, Messianic Discipleship, will provide a survey and analysis of the Messianic Movement today and also take an in-depth look at the various controversies and issues currently dividing the movement. We will spend time exploring difficult questions, such as the place of circumcision for believers, the importance of Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, whether Jewish and Gentile believers should attend local Churches or Messianic Congregations, etc. Join us as we wrestle with these questions and search the Scriptures in order to understand what God’s Word says on these matters.

Week 2 (July 13 - 17)

NT SurveyDr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum — In addition to the Gospels, this course will provide an overview of the whole New Covenant, fitting in the epistles into the historical Book of Acts. It will show a contrast between epistles written to the Body as a whole and those epistles written specifically for Messianic Jews.

The Book of Ruth, an appendix to the Book of Judges, presents enormously touching portraits of Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz. They are pictured as part of the faithful community of Messianic Jewish believers of their own time, worthy ancestors of King David and the promised King Messiah yet to be revealed.

Messianic DiscipleshipMichael Gabizon — Continued.

Week 3 (July 20 - 24)

Zionism and the History of IsraelMottel Baleston — This is one of the four historic courses taught at the Shoshanah School. It shows how God has preserved the Jewish people in faithfulness to His Word, and out of the ashes of the Holocaust Israel came into being within three years following the fall of Nazi Germany. This course will also explore how the modern state is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy in the Word of God.

The Book of JeremiahDr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum — This course will cover the whole book, certain segments in a survey and summary and other segments in verse by verse detail. There will be a special focus on Messianic Prophecies within this book and how this book militates against different forms of Replacement Theology, which is now having a revival in the churches causing a loss of support for Israel today.

Highlights of the Life of the MessiahDr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum — Based on the book Harmony of the Gospels, this class walks you through the four Gospels. It focuses on the events in the life of Messiah from a Jewish perspective, shedding light on the Jewish theology and customs that surround our Messiah.

Eschatology: Doctrine of the Last Days Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum — This course will cover all facets of the prophetic word of God covering topics such as the Rapture, Israel, the Tribulation, the Second Coming, the Messianic kingdom, the Eternal Order, among other prophetic issues. The revival of Replacement Theology is resulting in a non-literal approach to Bible prophecy, especially how it relates to Israel and the Jewish people and this course will show the fallacies of such teachings.

Bible Study MethodsDr. Mark Adler — All believers take much of the Bible quite literally. But when the Bible speaks of Israel and speaks of prophecy, many Bible believers begin to resort to an allegorical interpretation leaving Israel out of the picture except for the curses. This course will show how principles of biblical interpretation must be applied consistently to all parts of the Bible, thus promoting a special role for Israel.

Week 4 (July 27 - 31)

Zionism and the History of IsraelMottel Baleston — Continued.

The Book of JeremiahDr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum — Continued.

Highlights of the Life of the MessiahDr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum — Continued.

Eschatology: Doctrine of the Last DaysDr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum — Continued.

Bible Study MethodsDr. Mark Adler — Continued.

Week 5 (August 3 - 7)

GalatiansMottel Baleston — The Book of Galatians has become a battleground within the Messianic movement and in the larger church as well. The confusion over Law vs Grace and the place of both Jewish and Gentile believers are central to the conflict that this book addresses. We'll explore these core issues, and find Messianic Freedom within it.

The Book of JeremiahDr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum — Continued.

Highlights of the Life of the MessiahDr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum — Continued.

Eschatology: Doctrine of the Last DaysDr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum — Continued.

Spiritual LifeDr. Mark Adler — A study of the principles of the spiritual life and spiritual warfare, together with the role of the Holy Spirit, the new nature, the word, the flesh and the devil.

Week 6 (August 10 - 14)

The Life of the Messiah from a Jewish PerspectiveDr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum — This is the complete course taught in one week. Based on the book Harmony of the Gospels, this class is a study through all four gospels. It focuses on the events in the life of the Messiah from a Jewish perspective, shedding light on Jewish theology and customs that surround our Messiah.


Throughout the years, our Messianic Jewish Studies Program has been growing. We now offer a six-week program teaching various Bible topics and courses from a Messianic Jewish Perspective. There is a two week curriculum followed by a three week curriculum, followed by a one week course on the Life of Messiah from a Jewish Perspective.

You may attend for one to six weeks depending on your schedule. Students are encouraged to attend all six week of the program if their schedule allows.

Program BreakdownThe Program Breakdown

Classes begin on Monday morning and end on Friday evening. During the first two weeks, the program will run four hours per day. During the remaining four weeks, the program will run five hours per day.The structure of the program will include four classes, each an hour long per day for both two and three week programs.The three week program has a required fifth session for first-time attendees:The Survey of the Life of Messiah, which runs for 75 minutes each day. The sixth week program will also run for five hours a day giving a complete detailed study of Messiah’s life.

A youth program is provided during the adult sessions. We have designed our schedule for the maximum teaching time during the day, while allowing ample time for fun and fellowship. The afternoons and weekends allow plenty of free time for worship, fellowship, hiking and recreation at Trout Pond, as well as various other activities located nearby.

Each Friday evening we have a special Shabbat service and dinner. Saturday is a free day for campers who will continue their study and a departure day for those who are leaving. On Sunday mornings, we gather for a time of worship led by Ariel staff members and students. If you play a musical instrument, please bring it along to share with us. Saturday and Sunday evenings are reserved for lakeside cookouts with music, dance, and fellowship.

Children and Youth (Ages 2-17):

Serious Bible education is required for our youth. While opportunities for good fun abound, first and foremost the Shoshanah facility is a Discipleship Program. During adult classes, we will conduct Bible teaching and a recreation program for children ages. Topics will mirror the adult program topics.


Accommodations include cabins for married couples and families; separate bunkhouses for single men and single women, and camp grounds (tent, camper, or RV). All accommodations are available on a first-come, first-served basis, giving early registrants preference regarding dates of attendance. You may also commute from one of the local motels (contact Camp Shoshanah for a list). Pets are NOT permitted.

Meals at Facility:

Meals include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please plan to arrive after 4 pm on Saturday. The first meal for new arrivals will be the evening cookout. Please Note: Attendees are not permitted to prepare their own meals nor is food allowed in the cabins, nor use the kitchen facilities for any purpose.

A refrigerator is provided in the dining hall for those attendees who have special needs. Anything that will be stored in the refrigerator in the Dining Hall designated “Student Fridge” MUST be put in a covered plastic box (obtained from the Office) and CLEARLY labeled.

Tyndale Seminary Course Credit

You can receive Bible school or seminary credit for classes taken at Shoshanah. Tyndale Seminary is offereing one hour of course credit, graduate or undergraduate for every 10-12 hours of study at our Camp Shoshanah Discipleship Program, up to three credit hours.

A Scholarship Pays Eternal DividendsFor information on obtaining credit, please contact Josh Bailey at (800) 886-1415, or by email at: registrar@tyndale.edu.

You may send your course completion information to Josh Bailey at: Tyndale Seminary - 6800 Manhattan Blvd Ste 200 - Ft. Worth, TX 76120.

Camp Scholarship Fund

Why not sponsor a friend, pastor, or missionary? You can donate to the camp scholarship fund and help those otherwise unable, to come be with us.

Churches can give an appreciation gift by sending their pastor and family to camp for a week or more. Invest in the leadership you love. The deep Messianic scriptural understanding they gain will in turn be a blessing to the congregation and the lives of those they teach and touch. Ariel’s Program of Messianic Jewish Studies is an investment that pays eternal dividends.

Call (518) 834-6057 and we’ll help you get a sponsorship set up for whoever you would like to especially bless in Messiah Yeshua.

Study Hard and Grow Strong