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Bible Numbers

Q: The last time we met, I asked you about the meaning of the recurring numbers in the bible, like 3, 7, 9, 12, etc., and you told me some of them had meaning. Can you elaborate on that please?

A: To answer your question, not all numbers in the Bible have special meanings, only certain numbers have special meanings and this does not mean that anytime that number is used it has that meaning in that context, but if it is used symbolically it would.

For example, the number 6 emphasizes something in the human sphere. Number 7 is the number of completion or totality. It also sometimes carries the concept of perfection. The number 12 also has the concept of completion or totality without any implications of perfection.

The same applies to multiples of these same numbers such as 144,000 is a multiple of the number 12 and that would also be true for the multiples of 7, and some other numbers. It is dangerous to look for a meaning for every number and that is where people will apply guess work and go beyond what the text says.

It is true that every letter in Hebrew is numbered and therefore, every word in Hebrew has a numerical value and every name in Hebrew has a numerical value but that is about how far you can go with the text of Scripture. Trying to find a hidden meaning in all of these numbers goes a bit beyond what the Bible allows.