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Ariel Canada - Eliska Novakova

Eliška Nováková, Missionary Evangelist

Ariel Canada: Via Czech Republic

Note: In its nascent stage, Ariel Czech Republic is being organized by Eliška Nováková and falls under the direction and authority of Ariel Canada.

For several years, the Lord has led me (Eliška) in what He would like me to do to serve Him the best. Let me map out for you what it is:

  1. Ariel Ministries is one of the best ministries to serve the Czech people. The situation of the Czech Republic among the countries of the European Union is unique because the government is politically the strongest supporter of Israel and often stands up against the anti-Israel position of the EU agenda. Recent examples of this stance include the following:
  2. Because of its support for Israel, the Czech Republic enjoys some of the blessings of the Abrahamic covenant.
  3. The Czech Republic has a wide range of believers who support Israel and attempt to witness to the Jewish community, yet often without wisdom. Examples of this include believers getting involved in charismatic groups of the Messianic movement, attempting to convert (or having already converted) to Judaism, and not seeing the need for the Jewish people to actually believe in the saving gospel of Messiah Yeshua’s death, burial, and resurrection.
  4. The majority of Protestant churches in the Czech Republic are liberal. They need foundational truth. The “Come and See” series by Dr. Fruchtenbaum is critical to laying this foundation, especially The Word of God: Its Nature and Content.
  5. In the eyes of the Czech people, Christianity is primarily represented by the Catholic church. The Messianic Jewish perspective is essential to strengthening believers in their dealings with both Catholicism and ecumenism.
  6. Since the fall of communism, believers have the liberty to exercise their faith. This great gift of freedom must translate into the spread of the gospel to the large atheistic community here: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. To do this, Czech believers must be equipped (2 Tim. 3:17; Heb. 13:20-21).

Ariel Ministries touches these five areas. For a personal summary of my vision, watch the short interview done by Revelations TV Series for Ariel Ministries at Camp Shoshanah in 2016.

My aim is to translate key Ariel materials into Czech. How quickly I can accomplish this depends on financial support. My current plan is to work from Prague, Czech Republic, and travel to conferences as the Lord leads. I want to reach out to seminaries to gain relationships with students whom the Lord may be preparing for me to train as translators.

Eliska Novakova
About Eliška Nováková

Born in 1981 into an atheistic family, it was only after my difficult teenage years that I believed that Messiah Yeshua died for me, was buried, and resurrected. To this day, I am the only one of my living family to have come to saving faith. I studied linguistics, American and Czech history and literature, and pedagogy at Charles University in Prague. I earned my MA in 2012.

That same year, I went to see Arnold Fruchtenbaum teach “The Life of the Messiah” in Poland. In 2015, I had the great pleasure to co-organize Arnold’s first tour to Prague and to translate while he taught the same course to my people. Three years later, I joined Ariel Ministries in order to translate its material on a larger scale.

My “tent-making” job used to be that of a high school teacher. Today, I teach English and Czech as a freelancer to individual people. I also organize educational tours to Auschwitz and Theresienstadt so that people may never forget what happened during the Shoah. In my church, I teach the Bible to Sunday School teenagers.