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Michael and Hannah Gabizon

Field Representative

Montreal, Quebec — Canada

Field Representatives at Ariel Ministries are those who carry the mission and vision of Ariel into their local context. Each of them have been vetted, validated, and fully endorsed by the ministry to function in their gifts and calling. They are all raising their own financial support to continue in ministry and operating in their own unique gifting (teacher/educator, evangelist, pastor, etc.). We invite you to contact them to partner with you and your local body in ministry. We would also encourage you to actively support their work in prayer and with financial resources.

Michael and Hannah Wedding Ariel Ministries recognizes the importance of actively recruiting gifted young people and training them for ministry work in our mission. Michael and Hannah met during their time in the Jewish Studies Program at Moody Bible Institute and married in June 2010. In July 2010, Michael and Hannah joined our Ariel Ministries family and were representatives in Chicago and the surrounding region until August of 2012 when they moved to Dallas, TX where Michael obtained his ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary. He is currently completing his dissertation for ThD from The King's University in Ontario. They now reside in Montreal. Michael is the son of Jacques and Sharon Gabizon, who head up our branch team in Montreal, Canada.

We praise the Lord for raising this young couple up and for bringing them to our ministry family. Michael spent a lot of time at our own Camp Shoshanah while growing up. Over the last several years, Michael has interned with us during the camp season, providing leadership in both music and youth ministry. More recently, Michael also began teaching in the adult program classes on Spiritual life and Discipleship. In the future, we hope to find more qualified ministry staff in Moody's program, under the leadership of Dr. Michael Rydelnik.

Michael and Hannah WorshipThe Gabizons are committed to making the Lord's work the center of their new family. Michael is an engaging and gifted communicator and will be focusing on teaching and discipling people through God's Word. He is prepared to make a number of presentations in both small and large group settings. The Gabizons are actively looking for individuals to engage in personal discipling activities. Perhaps most important will be their efforts in helping us identify other young people within their sphere of influence who may be interested in becoming involved with our work at Ariel. They would appreciate your prayers at this time.

It goes without saying, Michael and Hannah will also be devoting time to raising their personal support. If you are on-board with the vision and goal of Ariel Ministries and want to encourage and support our young couple, you can team with them in their quest for God's leading by supporting them monthly or donating a one-time gift. This can be done under the “giving” tab on our website.

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Michael Gabizon
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