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Dear Arielnik 2017

This is the time of year that I write a letter sharing some updates and also some projections to all our friends, prayer warriors, and supporters. I am thankful to God for all of you! Without your affiliation with Ariel, this ministry would not survive. This is also a special letter since December 1st marked our 40th anniversary. Praise the Lord!

This year, we were able to complete three additional dormitories at our school in Upstate New York. Now, we have a total of five dorms, and this allows our students to live and study in a more comfortable way. The most important blessing, however, was this year’s attendance of our summer program at Camp Shoshanah. For three of the six weeks, we operated at full capacity and even had to turn people away—something we do not want to do. The other three weeks, we operated at a ninety percent capacity. However, it is not merely the numbers that were the blessing. Those who came were eager and zealous learners, which is a pleasure for any teacher.

This was also the year when the Lord enabled us to complete all four volumes of the Yeshua series. After four decades of working on the Life of Messiah material, the series now provides readers all the rabbinic sources of my teaching. For those who prefer the basic account of Messiah’s life from the Jewish perspective, we also published a one-volume, abridged version.

There are many other blessings that could be listed, such as God opening the door for a teaching tour in China; but I do not want the letter to become too long.

As for the future, we plan to build two additional dormitories so that we never again need to turn people away. Furthermore, we will be reconstructing the interior of the CS building, turning it into four units to provide housing for guest teachers of both the adult and the young people’s ministries. This spring, a fiber optics line will be installed on the camp property. This will allow staff and students alike to use their computers anywhere on the camp property.

Early in the new year, we will begin an online school with three courses: Genesis, the Life of Messiah based on Volume 1 of the Yeshua series, and Israelology. Taping for online classes is very different than taping a DVD—and much more expensive. It costs about $10,000 to produce one course. But God has already provided the funds for the first three courses and has also provided funds to tape two, or perhaps even three, more courses in the near future.

As far as future publications, the Lord willing, we will be able to publish two more commentaries, one about the book of Acts and one about Isaiah. We will also add more volumes to the Come and See series and publish books about the feasts of Israel and the spiritual life. A very exciting new publication is called Israel Betrayed. Written by Andrew Robinson and Paul Wilkinson, this book is a guide through church history and provides an in-depth understanding of the fallacies of replacement theology.

And what else? Wherever God may lead us, there we shall follow.

How can you help? First and foremost, pray for the Lord to meet our needs in all the facets of Ariel Ministries. Let me remind you that we publish a bi-monthly prayer booklet that contains the prayer requests of all our worldwide branches. The guide is available both in hard copy and as an email.

Also pray for what the Lord may lead you to donate to Ariel Ministries at this point of time. You may donate to the general account, or you can donate for specific projects as those listed above. For whatever you can donate we will be most grateful. You may use the enclosed envelope or give online.

Yours for the Salvation of Israel,
Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum