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Dear Arielnik 2018

So far, it has been an exciting and spiritually uplifting year. It was both a time of renewal of friendships (Australia and New Zealand) and a time of making new friends (Italy). It was a year when The Footsteps of the Messiah has been published in three new languages: French, Dutch, and Italian.

It is also the year when Ariel's Online School was launched with three courses, and by the time 2018 comes to an end, the Lord willing, we shall add three more courses and perhaps even four. At this point of writing, there are 106 students taking the courses from different parts of the world.

My two favorite ministries have always been my Israel study tours and the yearly Program of Messianic Jewish Studies at Camp Shoshanah. I no longer do the Israel tours, but Camp Shoshanah continues to be my greatest joy in ministry. This last summer ran very full, with two of the six weeks being totally sold out. Once again, about 15 countries were represented (USA, Canada, Israel, Switzerland, Sweden, England, France, Germany, China, Japan, New Guinea, Liberia, Costa Rica, Australia, and New Zealand). Two of these countries were represented for the first time, and to our great joy, the number of students coming from Israel and Africa is increasing. There were ten people who flew in from Israel!

Every summer, we are conscious of the spiritual warfare of our Jewish camp ministry. But this year, the situation was particularly severe, and I felt called to gather all of the Ariel staff for a special prayer meeting over the issues, and it did help greatly.

The camp construction program continues, and 2018 has seen major improvements on existing buildings and the construction of a new one: a full-scale laundry building with five washers and dryers. Now, there is no longer any need for students to go to nearby towns in order to have their clothing cleaned!

The reports we receive from our national and international branches are very encouraging as well. This does not mean there are no difficulties, but it means that our staff knows how to overcome those difficulties by prayer and patient endurance.

The continuance of Ariel Ministries is dependent upon the Lord moving believers in their support for the ministry. An envelope is enclosed, and we ask you to pray and see if the Lord will move you to support Ariel Ministries. You may feel called to support the ministry in general, or you may feel called to support a branch or a specific project. Either way, you are free to designate your support as you see fit, and we thank you very much for your contribution.

For the many who benefit from the Camp ministry, the following building projects are our goal for the next year or two:

  • Foundation and heat for cabin # 19 – $45,000
  • Foundation for addition to bathhouse #13 (for staff) – $40,000
  • Foundation for building #20 (old office building) and building #21 (old nursery) – $50,000
  • Walk-in freezer – $20,000
  • Pavilion – $35,000
  • Assistant Supervisor House – $275,000

You are welcome to designate your giving to any of these projects.

Yours for the Salvation of Israel,
Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum