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Dear Arielnik 2019

I welcome this opportunity to write this year-end letter and highlight what the Lord has enabled us to do over the course of the year and what we are projecting, the Lord willing, to do over the next year. 

First and foremost, we are grateful for the great staff God has given us both at the Home Office and the Shoshanah Campus as well as in all the foreign branches. With rare exception, we do not try to recruit staff. Rather, others come to us to labor with us as they feel called by the Messi-ah to help Ariel with the many specific ministries that are developing and/or expanding. 


Wayne Wideman became our Home Office manager over a year ago and has done an excellent job organizing the Home Office staff, developing new branch agreements, and doing his best to bring peace among the staff. He has also overseen the daily responsibilities at the Home Office, which include making sure all gifts are clearly labeled for the purpose they were sent and that all who give donations get receipts. His position demands focus on many details required at the Home Office, and this he has mastered very well over the time he has been with us. He also checks to make sure that we are following all the requirements the IRS man-dates.


Every three months, we receive reports from our branches in which they tell of their activities. We learn about their outreach to the Jewish community with the gospel (where possible) as well as their labor in active discipleship as they teach the Word of God from a Mes-sianic Jewish perspective. In this special year-end letter, it would be impossible to mention all the details and specifics. We therefore encourage you to subscribe to our bi-monthly prayer guide, either as a hard copy or in the form of emails. In this prayer guide, the branches report on  their praises (the prayers God has answered) and prayers (new prayer requests for their upcom-ing ministries). We thank the Lord for Jacques Gabizon, Director of Ariel Canada, who not only oversees the Canadian ministries and staff, but also serves as our intermediary between the Home Office and our international branches. In this function, he collects and summarizes their quarterly reports for the Board of Directors of Ariel USA and enables us to see where we can be helpful in meeting their ministry and financial goals.


Christiane Jurik continues to edit all of our publications and to oversee our team of translators and proofreaders. This year, she published five books, one of which was Volume 4 of the Come and See series. The volume deals with the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Also published was The Feasts and Fasts of Israel providing the details and Messianic implications of these topics. The quarterly Ariel Magazine continues to publish articles directly relevant to the purpose and theology of Ariel Ministries and to other Messianic issues. I have already finished writing our commentary on the book of Acts, and once the editing process and the proofreading is done, this book will be published, Lord willing, in the spring of 2020. My next goal is to write commentaries on the books of Isaiah and Joshua. 


This program is less than a year and a half old, and there are now over 250 students from around the world taking the four courses available so far. I have already recorded additional courses and will be doing more of the same in December. Mark Adler began the online school, but as the program grew, it was no longer possible for him to continue on a volunteer basis. Therefore, Mark joined Ariel staff full time to oversee this entire operation and to get each of the courses ready for the students in a timely manner. This involves a lot more than merely recording DVDs, such as we create them from our summer school program, and recording the online courses is far more expensive. But God has been providing, and the funding is already available for December.  We will eventually have about 25 courses that will allow a student to complete a Major in Messianic Jewish Studies.


This is Camp Shoshanah’s new name! We changed the name to more closely reflect what the school is about. Another change we made is to extend our summer program at the Shoshanah Campus for another two weeks for a total of eight weeks. The number of students was a bit down this year, but we still attracted people from all over the world. We have not yet tabulated how many nations were represented this summer, but there were individuals from the far east (Japan) to the far west (Hawaii) to the lands Down Under (Australia and New Zealand). In the past, we had one or two students from Italy. But this year, a total of eight people came from that country. In the past, we had two or three people from Israel. But this year, we had a total of 13 students from the Promised Land. For the first time in the history of the ministry, it was common to hear people speaking Hebrew and watch them reading from the Hebrew text. 

Finally, our projected building programs are nearly complete. Once all the support comes in, we would like to complete all projects within three years, the Lord willing, and then move from construction to maintenance.


The above has only highlighted all that happened with Ariel Ministries this year. None of this would have been possible without the regular prayer support of the many who have become acquainted with our ministry. Furthermore, none of this would have come to pass without the financial help of our supporters. We would encourage you to seek the Lord’s will concerning your support, and we will forever be grateful for any amount that you will be able to send in. If you received this letter via regular mail, an envelope is enclosed for your convenience. If you receive it via email, you can donate online via our online giving page.

Yours for the salvation of Israel,
Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum