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Dear Arielnik 2020

“Oh praise Jehovah, all ye nations; Laud him all ye peoples. For his lovingkindness is great toward us; And the truth of Jehovah endureth forever. Praise ye Jehovah.” Psalm 117

As 2020 draws to a close, I give praise to the Lord for superintending my days. For me, this year has brought much pain as trip after trip and conference after conference had to be canceled. It grieved my heart when I received the news that Shoshanah School Program would have to be canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions and when the decision had to be made to place Mary Ann in an Assisted Living facility. Multiple prayers were lifted when I received news that a few of our Ariel Branch Staff contracted COVID-19, some of which are still healing from the effects of the virus. Perhaps you can relate and fill in your trials this year? I pray you may also agree that, yet, in our time of pain, the Lord paired with it joy so that we might offer shouts of praise for the Lord’s loving-kindness is great toward us.

Yes, my schedule was upended time and time again. Yet, because it was interrupted, I give the Lord praise for enabling me to use the “extra” time to write a few more commentaries: The Book of Joshua, The Book of Isaiah, and to start The Book of Romans. The Book of Joshua is in the editing stage, and we expect it to be available in early 2021. The Book of Isaiah will begin the editing process once The Book of Joshua is completed, and we expect it to be available in late 2021. The Book of Romans is still a work in progress. I give God praise for the two books published this year: The Book of Acts Commentary and our fifth segment in the Come and See series A Study of the Angelic Realm.

Although the Shoshanah Campus had to keep its doors closed this year, the Lord provided an opportunity, in October, for a few of us to gather around His Word and enjoy a time of teaching, worship, and fellowship at “Mini-Camp Shoshanah” in Oneida, NY. God poured out many blessings during this time, and we are preparing to host another event in March of 2021. I give my praise to Him as he filled my heart with joy during those two weeks.

Mary Ann has good days and bad days, just like all of us. I am grateful for doctors and nurses who care for her needs. I give Messiah praise for your love and support, both prayer and financial, that you have bestowed upon us this year. Thank you.

I give praise to the Lord for blessing our Ariel branches:

  • Ariel Australia has had opportunities to reach many people by utilizing social media and Zoom, which has allowed them to reach further and wider than ever before.
  • Ariel Canada has had opportunities to reach more people through the internet, radio, Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom.
  • Ariel China has a new husband-and-wife team who is helping with the translation work.
  • Ariel Germany’s long-term Jewish friend, Vlad, came to faith in the Messiah.
  • Ariel Hungary has had a very fruitful year and has witnessed Tamas and Vera, a Holocaust survivor, come to salvation.
  • Ariel India has translated Footsteps into Gujarati and expects the book to be published in January 2021.
  • Ariel Israel has reached new audiences through digital and social media platforms and is praying for the Lord’s timing to launch and promote the site of Ariel Ministries in Poland.
  • Ariel Italy has increased website activity and volunteers working together to reach as many people as possible.
  • Ariel New Zealand has multiple study groups and is actively praying for attendance to increase, and students to become group leaders.
  • I give the Lord praise for increasing the number of students in our online school (we are now close to 500 students), and I am grateful for his truths to impact more and more people. I give God praise for supplying the financial needs of Ariel Ministries and the Shoshanah School Program and Mary Ann’s care through your generosity. I give God praise for our Headquarters Staff, Branch Staff, and Representatives. I give the Lord praise for each of you. Most importantly, I give the Father praise for Yeshua (Jesus), who secured my salvation. May His name be forever praised. Amen.

    Yours for the salvation of Israel,
    Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum