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Ladies Conference presented by Ariel Ministries Canada

Join Ariel Ministries Canada for the 2017 Ladies Conference

Come for supper at 5:00 Friday. The conference teaching will begin at 6:00. Overnight accommodations are available. Please reserve now. Saturday is a pot luck lunch of soups and salads.

Call Jill at 207-498-6259 with what you'd like to bring to the Sar Shalom Conference.

Some of today's headlines go hand in hand with Ezekiel's words. Several of the subjects to be covered are:

  • Just How Do We Read Prophecy?
  • The Origins of Satan
  • What About Those Visions and Signs?
  • Israel's Whole History in Just One Chapter!
  • TV Quotes Today From Ezekiel
  • Upcoming Middle East Events including Armageddon
  • The Departure and Soon Return of God's Shechinah Glory
  • The Messianic Temple and the Millennium

Invite your friends and please RSVP by September 30th to Jill by phone or email sarshalomconferencecenter@gmail.com

BONUS: Jackie will be showing videos of an architectural rendition of the Millennial Temple and surrounding area.

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