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Now Hiring Office Manager

Title: Home Office Manager
Location: Home Office, San Antonio, TX
Reports to: Arnold Fruchtenbaum and Ariel Board of Directors
Start Date: 1/1/2019

No longer accepting resumes after November 23, 2018

Ariel Ministries is a vibrant international ministry that is well-known for the sound Biblical teaching from a Messianic Jewish perspective of its founder, Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum. Currently, there are nine Ariel Branches which represent the ministry’s teaching world-wide, and Camp Shoshanah in upper state New York, which hosts an intensive Bible teaching program from a Messianic Jewish prospective each Summer.

Also, the ministry has recently started producing its own on-line courses to provide a wider dissemination of Ariel’s teaching, and Ariel materials are available in Logos Bible Software, the most-used Bible software program by seminary students. The Office Manager oversees Ariel’s operations in all of these areas and manages four Home Office Staff and an annual budget of about 2 million dollars.

Basic Functions, Duties, Responsibilities:
Leadership, vision-casting and stewardship, ongoing staff development and reviews, budget development, control, and accountability. Overall ministry and staff goal setting, implementation, and management (per department) Vendor-vetting and contract negotiation, settling branch/missionary issues, branch contract oversight Review and approval of advertising and sales campaigns, and new resource pricing.

Principle Position Activities:
People/Office Management

  • Responsible for the overall management of the Home Office
  • Oversees the professional development of the office staff of three people
  • Oversees building security, closing procedures, security camera, SMS and text notifications after hours
  • Manages insurance benefits for Ariel employees
  • Directs daily staff prayer meetings
  • Works closely with our Editor in Chief regarding publishing schedule to ensure physical inventory control and budget for new titles or reprints; decides and approves all book ordering, printing
  • Schedules Home Office seminars and provides logistics and overall seminar administration
  • Contracts services for grounds up-keep, including: office cleaning, electrical, plumbing, parking lot, trash services, security
  • Troubleshoots issues with business flow (website orders > daily sales reports > bookkeeping)
  • Presents quarterly budget, profit and loss, and balance sheet at scheduled board of director meetings
  • Prepares quarterly staff reports (QSR) to the Board of Directors
  • Completes Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) Yearly Application
Contracts and Professional
  • Coordinates with estate attorneys when needed
  • Primary decision-maker/approver on contracts (e.g. copiers, phones, postage machines, other, credit cards, Logos, etc.), large expenses
  • Consults with and works closely with our CPAs for financial review and Form 990 preparation
  • Contact for information technology solutions, new computer set-up, software maintenance, network outages, power-cycle internet and phones as needed
  • Contracts for Camp filming and new DVD production
  • Contracts with LOGOS to include Ariel books in LOGOS three years after initially produced
  • Initiates and promotes regular Ariel sales, as well as a large Summer and Winter sale
  • Oversees and approves advertising from our Marketing Manager
  • Sends ministry-wide eblasts as requested through Constant Contact
  • Coordinates with Webmaster and Graphic artist for website updates or special ministry-wide communications
As Needed
  • Reviews and approves all direct deposits and international wires completed by bookkeeper; signs all checks
  • Retrieves mail/donations from Post Office and disburses appropriately
  • Handles escalations of donors and clients if issues arise
  • Deposits daily cash and foreign checks
  • Replies to daily emails/phone calls from branch members and customers, order fulfillment through website
  • General administrator on our social media sites
  • Oversees in-house eBook production and troubleshooting
  • Consults with bookkeeper regarding expense and income classifications in QuickBooks
  • Responds to Ariel School of Messianic Jewish Studies (ASMJS) correspondence or forward inquiries as needed
  • Sets Ariel speaking itineraries (non-Arnold Fruchtenbaum)
  • Processes and records donations in donor database (when needed: receptionist duties)
  • Processes payroll/makes emergency payments (when needed: bookkeeper duties)
  • Performs other duties as required


  • Passion for Ariel Ministries and its mission, vision, and values
  • College degree – business and/or non-profit background a plus
  • 5+ years experience in a management position, team leadership and staff development
  • Marketing experience (Desired)
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office

Position Challenges:
This role is challenging yet presents great opportunities to someone who is a self-starter and motivated to achieve growth and efficiency. There are many hats worn throughout a given week.

Prior individuals in this role had created their own “culture” in the office. The right leader will listen well, set a good balance of being firm and fair, be flexible yet strong/consistent, and look for more ways to use the gifts and talents of the office staff.

Current Goals/Activities:

  • Staff development and departmental goal management
  • ASMJS Marketing
  • Various department specific projects (Social media Marketing, new books in Orders/Inventory, and new subscription process for Ariel Magazine among others)
  • Cost reduction analysis in an effort to support current new works (ASMJS)
  • Board directed goal (issued in early 2015) of having a reserve of $250k for ASMJS (which has proved challenging to meet)

Current Limitations/Considerations:
The current staff is doing well. They are each talented and bring certain value to the ministry. As with any team, there are also growth areas and challenges that surface. This position requires someone with excellent people skills, management ability, clarity in decision-making, and a certain comfort level with confrontation and conflict resolution.

Salary and Benefits:
Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience and other qualifications. Ariel Ministries provides a significant benefit package, which includes medical insurance and a 4% matching contribution to a 401 (K). Ariel will also pay relocation expenses for the selectee, if required.

Nomination Procedure:
Applications will be reviewed in the order received and will continue until the position is filled. Applicants who are in agreement with the doctrinal statement of Ariel Ministries are considered for employment without regard to race, age, sex, handicapping condition or national origin.

Interested applicants should mail or email their resumes, references, and interview availability to..

Ariel Home Office
Attn: Office Manager
11924 Radium
San Antonio, TX 78216

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