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Summer 2022

For the past 45 years, Ariel Ministries has welcomed people of all ages from many countries to learn and grow in Messianic discipleship program held at the Shoshanah Campus.  This beautiful facility is nestled in the scenic Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York, and provides the perfect setting for deep Bible study, fellowship and fun extending from early July right through Labor Day weekend.

Our program centers on grounding and growing believers through an in-depth study of the Scriptures from a Messianic Jewish perspective.  You can attend the program for 1 week up to 8 weeks, even including Labor Day weekend, depending on your schedule, but you will benefit most if you can complete any or all of the 1 week, 2 week, 3 week, or Labor Day modules. The time of Bible study combined with worship, fellowship, and the beautiful surroundings, makes Shoshanah the perfect retreat for refreshment and renewal of your faith.

If you have any questions, our campus staff is ready to answer them. Call (518) 834-6057, email , or go to for more information. Click the buttons below to download the 2022 Brochure, Application Form, or make a payment.

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We look forward to seeing you in the Summer of 2022!

2022 Course Curriculum:

Week 1 : July 4-8

Angelology, Satanology, Demonology | Arnold Fruchtenbaum
Are you puzzled by the references to different types of angels and demons in the Bible? This course will equip you with a thoroughly biblical and Messianic Jewish understanding of the origin, nature, capabilities, and roles of celestial beings from the time of Creation through the Last Days to their final destiny.

Weeks 1 & 2 : July 4-15

Messiah in the Tabernacle/Temple | Steve Shermett
God gave His people instructions how to make structures (Tabernacle/Temple) by which He would dwell amongst them and through which His people would worship Him. But was it more than that? Was there a deeper symbolic intention in the design? Learn how these historic structures pointed God's people to deeper heavenly truths.

Week 2 : July 11-15

Personal Eschatology | Arnold Fruchtenbaum
Is the soul immortal? What is the future of the soul? Where do we go immediately upon death? Is Hades different from Hell? Find the biblical answers in this complete course about our destiny beyond the grave.

Weeks 3 & 4 : July 18-29

Ecclesiology (Doctrine of the Church) | Mottel Baleston
What is the universal church and how is the local church different from it? What is the biblical pattern of leadership for the local church? Is church membership a biblical requirement? Is a Messianic congregation the same as a church? This course in a key area of Systematic Theology answers your questions thoroughly and biblically.

Weeks 3 - 5 : July 18 - August 5

Highlights of Ezekiel | Arnold Fruchtenbaum
The Messianic prophecies come alive, the puzzling symbolic visions and parables become clearer, and the prophet's strange actions understandable in this detailed study through this often-overlooked prophet to exiled Jews in Babylon.

Highlights of the Life of Messiah | Arnold Fruchtenbaum
This summary course on the Life of Messiah is required for all those attending the 3 week program for the first time. Based on the Ariel's Harmony of the Gospels textbook, this class walks you chronologically through the four Gospels. It focuses on the events in the life of Messiah from a Jewish perspective, shedding light on the Jewish theology and customs that were a daily part of Jewish life in the first century.

Israelology (Doctrine of Israel) | Arnold Fruchtenbaum
This unique course presents a comprehensive biblical theology of Israel's past, present, and future as seen through the framework of the five Jewish covenants. This study will equip you to distinguish clearly the identity of Israel from that of the Church, and yet understand in what way they overlap.

The Book of Acts | Gregg Hagg
Was the Church a split from Judaism? How and why did Gentiles get accepted into the Church? How did the Church manage to spread so quickly? This study of the book of Acts explores the key events in the Jewish beginning and spread of the Church to answer these and other questions, and highlights the relevance of these answers for the Messianic movement of today.

Week 5 : August 1-5

Design for Discipleship | Mottel Baleston
Salvation requires a simple act of faith. Discipleship requires a total commitment. Through this course, learn how to become a committed disciple of the Messiah.

Week 6 : August 8-12

The Life of Messiah | Arnold Fruchtenbaum
In this classic one-week intensive course, drill down through all four gospels chronologically with the help of Ariel's Harmony of the Gospels textbook. Gain a deeper understanding of the words and deeds of the Messiah by understanding the background of Jewish theology, customs, and socio-political perspectives in which he ministered.

Week 7 : August 15-19

The Jewish People in the Book of Romans | Mottel Baleston
The Book of Romans is an overview of New Testament biblical doctrine, yet we easily miss the core teaching that surfaces again and again in this epistle: the continuing role of the Jewish people in the plan of God for the world. Understanding this truth in Romans will ensure an understanding of the whole story of the Bible.

The Doctrine of Man | Arnold Fruchtenbaum
This new course for the Program of Messianic Jewish Studies investigates from a Messianic Jewish perspective God's plan for humanity: from creation to the fall into sin, to redemption, to the final state of mankind in glorification. With this study you will come to a better understanding of your place and purpose in this present time of history.

Week 8 : August 22-26

The Post Mosaic Jewish Holy Days | Mottel Baleston
Should the Church be participating in the observances given in Leviticus 23? Should Christians care about Jewish Holy Days such as Hanukkah, Purim, Tisha B'Av and others? Explore these special days witin the context of New Testament Grace and see the traditions and ritual items demonstrated.

The Doctrine of Sin | Arnold Fruchtenbaum
In this new course you will discover the Messianic Jewish understanding of the origin of evil and of sin as well as investigate the theological controversy known as “original sin.” You will learn to distinguish biblically the sin nature from personal sin and how practically to deal with both. This course will give special attention to the real meaning of “the unpardonable sin.”

Labor Day Weekend : September 2 - 5

Begins with Shabbat meal on Friday of Labor Day Weekend through lunch on Monday
Topics include:
  • Modern State of Israel in Bible Prophecy | Arnold Fruchtenbaum
    How does the establishing of the modern state of Israel in 1948 fit in with prophecies of the Bible? Where is the balance between seeing “no fulfillment” and seeing “too much fulfillment” in the events surrounding modern day Israel.
  • Israel in the Tribulation | Arnold Fruchtenbaum
    Learn more of God’s vital role for the Jewish people in the tumultuous times leading up to Messiah’s second coming.
  • Jews, Gentiles, and the Church | Mottel Baleston
    Are the Jews of today the same as in Bible times? Why does it matter? Do Christians become “Spiritual Jews”? What is my identity? What can the Church learn and use from it’s Jewish roots?
  • Israel in the Messianic Kingdom | Arnold Fruchtenbaum
    Learn what special role Israel will have in the glorious Messianic Kingdom when the Messiah reigns physically over all the earth.


Program Description

Our Program of Messianic Jewish Studies has grown over the years to become an extensive offering of courses on various Bible topics all taught from a Messianic Jewish Perspective. The Program is divided into modules, the first being a two week curriculum followed by a three week curriculum. An intensive one-week course, The Life of Messiah from a Messianic Jewish Perspective, is always offered in the sixth week followed by another two week curriculum. These curricula cycle over a period of years, so that if you miss a module in one year, you could attend it in a later year. The courses on Labor Day Weekend can be taken as a module separately from the other modules.

You may attend for a single week, or for just one or two modules, or for the entire time, including Labor Day Weekend. The choice is yours, but we encourage you to attend all eight weeks and Labor Day Weekend of the Program if your schedule allows.

Program Breakdown

How the Program Works

Classes begin on Monday morning and end on Friday evening. During the first two weeks, the teaching sessions run four hours per day, but during the three week and one week modules that follow, classes will run for five hours a day.  For the final two weeks of the Program, classes revert to four hours a day.  Most classes are one hour in length, but in the the three week module the course "Highlights of the Life of Messiah" is required for all first-time attendees, and the classes are 75 minutes in length.  

The schedule is designed to maximize the teaching time during the day, yet provide ample time for fun, fellowship, and relaxation. Thus, each afternoon is open time to enjoy fellowship, hiking, recreation at Trout Pond, other local attractions, or to take time with the Lord in personal study and prayer.

Each week comes to a fitting climax in a special Shabbat dinner and teaching service. Saturday is a free day for those continuing in their studies the following week, or departure day for those not continuing. On Sunday mornings, there is a time to gather for worship led by Ariel staff members and students. If you play a musical instrument, please bring it and share your talent on Wednesday evening “fun and talent” night or by assisting those who lead the worship times. Also, impromptu music always makes the Saturday and Sunday evening lakeside cookouts to be very special occasions indeed.

Children and Youth Program (up to age 17):

While the adults are attending the teaching sessions, the children and youth are also learning and being discipled by carefully selected committed staff using age appropriate settings and activities. Topics mirror the adult program topics.


Accommodations include cabins for married couples and families, separate rooms for couples, shared rooms for singles, as well as campgrounds for tents, campers, or RV's. All accommodations are available on a first-come, first-served basis, giving early registrants preference regarding dates of attendance. You may also commute from one of the local motels (contact the Shoshanah Office for a list). Pets are NOT permitted.

Meals on Campus:

Meals in the Dining Hall include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please plan to arrive after 2 pm on Saturday so that your first meal will be the evening cookout.  Please note that attendees are not permitted to use the kitchen facilities or prepare their own meals. Food is not allowed in the lodgings. If you have special dietary or medical needs, please be sure to contact the Shoshanah office for more information.

Tyndale Seminary Course Credit

If you are already enrolled as a student at Tyndale Seminary, you can receive three semester hours of graduate or undergraduate course credits for every 10-12 hours of study completed in our Program of Messianic Jewish studies at the Shoshanah Campus. For information on how to obtain credits, please contact Josh Bailey at (800) 886-1415, or email, or write to Registrar, Tyndale Seminary, 701 West Pipeline, Hurst, TX 76053.

Shoshanah Scholarship Fund

Would you like to assist a pastor, church leader or missionary in their learning and training, who, because of financial constraints would not otherwise be able to attend? The Shoshanah Scholarship Fund does just that. You can go to and select "Shoshanah Campus-Scholarship Fund" to make your donation, or call the Shoshanah Office.A Scholarship Pays Eternal Dividends 

Invest in the leadership you love. Churches can show their appreciation and love by sending their pastor and family to Shoshanah for a week or more. The deep Messianic scriptural understanding they gain will in turn be a blessing to the congregation and the lives of those they touch by their teaching.

Call the Shoshanah Office at (518) 834-6057 and we’ll help you donate to the Shoshanah Scholarship Fund or we can help you set up a *sponsorship for someone you have in mind that you would love to attend. (*Please note that sponsorships are not considered tax deductible gifts by IRS, whereas donations to the Scholarship Fund will receive tax deductible receipts.)

Whatever the case, Ariel’s Program of Messianic Jewish Studies is an investment that pays eternal dividends.

Study Hard and Grow Strong
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