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Biography of Ruth with the Truth Wardell

by Ruth Wardell and Jeffrey Gutterman

Picture a beautiful patchwork quilt put together by good friends and you will understand and welcome this intimate portrait of Ruth Wardell, a passionate believer and friend of the Jewish people. Ruth tells her story with the help of author Jeffrey Gutterman and photos contributed for the special occasion of celebrating Ruth's life. Following Ruth's life story is to follow developments in the Messianic Jewish community that emerged during her lifetime from just a few congregations to a worldwide phenomenon. She is credited with leading Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum to faith in his Messiah, leading to the founding of Ariel Ministries and an international Bible teaching ministry and outreach to Jewish people.

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum — Director of Ariel Ministries

“Ruth Wardell first came knocking on my family's door in 1957 when I was living on Blake Avenue in the Van Siclen section of Brooklyn, New York. She came in with a card in her hand that had been filled out about six years earlier. Miss Wardell's organization was a Jewish Christian group. In my mind, one was either a Jew or a Christian. How could one be both? I concluded that any Jew that believed in Christ had to be suffering from schizophrenia. Since I was having trouble resolving this contradiction I became angry.” Arnold was determined to prove her wrong about Jesus being the Jewish Messiah...

Dr. Michael Rydelnik — Moody Bible Institute, Professor of Jewish Studies

“Ruth was always taking us on trips. We would go canoeing in New Jersey. Ruth would load up two vans with kids and head out. She would drive the van down the highway with her knees while her hands were in the air as she led the group in a song. We didn't need the radio. We would just sing songs about Jesus. My earliest memories of Ruth were of a person who was bold, yet tolerant and understanding.”

Dr. Daniel Goldberg — International Ministries Representative for Chosen People Ministries

“Of all of the missionaries under my supervision in the California area of the Western District, Ruth excelled as a self-starter and exhibited great ability as a leader in winning many followers. She truly utilized her God-given talents as an excellent Bible teacher and friend to the friendless.”

Dr. Mitch Glaser—President of Chosen People Ministries

“I knew Ruth as a person who always rose above it all. She never had a bad word about anybody. She was always positive and encouraging. Ruth was an example during those years of someone who was faithful and someone whom I admired greatly.”

Dr. Paul Lee Tan — Paul Tan Prophetic Ministries, Inc. (PTPM)

“We feel that God has brought Ruth to our lives for a purpose. That purpose is to encourage me and my family in Christian service and to continue helping in the Chinese work in Dallas, as God enables. 'Ruth with the Truth' will always be a part of our family's spiritual heritage. We all thank God for raising up such an effective and humble servant of His in these Last Days.”

Moishe Rosen — Founder of Jews For Jesus

“I met Ruth Wardell in 1954 when she was with American Board of Missions to the Jews. Many teens she worked with looked to her for leadership well into their adult lives. I remember Ruth always set a good example.”

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