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The Collection: (PDF on CD)

It's somewhat of a mystery to us as to how he does it, but Arnold Fruchtenbaum continues to come up with new, not to mention, extensive studies of the Scriptures. Maybe it has everything to do with his expert knowledge of Hebrew, Greek, the Talmud, the history of the Jews, the geography of Eretz Israel, a scholar's command of The Word — and the illumination of the Ruach haKodesh.

The Collection includes all 190 Messianic Bible Studies transcribed from Arnold's original radio broadcasts. Each study is a solid foundation upon which you can stand — a whiteboard from which you can teach — or a podium from which you can preach the uncompromised truth to your congregation. We're confident you'll be impressed and eternally blessed, by the laser-like precision of Dr. Fruchtenbaum's anointed exegesis.

This PDF version of The Collection is shipped to you on a single CD, containing 190 individual PDF files. To see the list of all the studies included, view or download the Numerical Guide. A listing of topics covered can be found in the Topical Guide.

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