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The Messiah in the Temple:

The Symbolism and Significance of the Second Temple in Light of the New Testament

by Roger Liebi

The Second Temple — the sanctuary at Jerusalem during the time of Jesus Christ — plays a very significant role in the New Testament. Matthew to Revelation teems with references to this glorious edifice of Antiquity, yet many readers of the Bible do not understand terms such as “pinnacle of the Temple”, “the Beautiful Gate”, “Solomon's Porch”, “the Sheep Gate” and “the Sanhedrin”. These terms and many other features of the Temple area, are brought to life in this book and connected to the Messiah in a way that is refreshing and stimulating to our faith.

During the years 1967-2003 modern archaeology on the Temple Mount made huge progress and extended our knowledge of the Second Temple as never before. Dr. Liebe synthesizes these findings with all the passages of the NT that refer in some way to the Temple. The many pictures, illustrations, and diagrams help the reader to personally engage with and understand the eternal Messianic significance of this ancient structure.

Dr. Roger Liebi (born in 1958), is married with six children. He studied music, theology, and the languages of the Biblical world (Greek, Classical and Modern Hebrew, Aramaic, Akkadian). He has authored numerous publications and assisted in three Bible translation projects. He is currently an international lecturer and Bible teacher.

  • Hardcover: 655 pages
  • ISBN: 978-3-943175-05-9
  • Included with the book is a CD containing:
  • The complete book in pdf format
  • Various lectures by the author
  • Musical recordings composed by the author
  • A musical recording of the author playing J.S. Bach: Partita N. 2 in D minor (BVW 1004)
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