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The Eight Covenants of the Bible - DVD

by Messianic Rabbi, Mottel Baleston

Over six hours of solid Biblical teaching, recorded live at our global headquarters in 2008. God did not choose to give the world His entire written Word at one time. Rather, the writing of the Scriptures occurred over a period of sixteen hundred years. Step by step, the plans and purposes of God were unfolded at specific points in history. Each step of His plan was absolutely flawless. But a comprehensive understanding was not possible for mankind until the entire canon of the Scriptures was finished in John's Revelation.

Nw, man has a complete revelation of what God wants man to know about His character and His plans. It is impossible to make sense of the Bible without a foundation built upon a consistent literal interpretation of the Scriptures. This literal approach forces us to come to grips with God's three covenantal agreements with mankind as a whole and five covenants specifically with the people of Israel.

Print the exegetical outline and corresponding chart and follow along with Mottel as he teaches the Word of God.

Approximate Running Time: Over 06 hours, on 4 DVDs.

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