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  • The Messiah and the Tabernacle - Temples - DVD

    The Messiah and the Tabernacle - Temples - DVD

    by Jeffrey Gutterman, Th.M.

    Over eight hours of solid Biblical teaching, recorded live during Camp Shoshanah 2011. God chose the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to be a holy people to Him. After He redeemed them from slavery, He chose to dwell among them. The place where He met with them was in the Tabernacle that He commanded them to build in Exodus 25-30 and 35-40. This course examines the historic Tabernacle and its unmistakable connection with the Messiah of Israel. The various temples are also discussed in-depth: The Temple of Solomon, The Temple of Zerubbabel, The Second Temple - The Herodian Renovation, The Tribulation Temple, and The Millennial Temple.

    Print the exegetical outline and follow along with Jeffrey as he teaches the Word of God.

    Approximate Running Time: 8.4 hours, on 6 DVDs.