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  • The Messiah in the Temple - DVD

    The Messiah in the Temple - DVD

    by Dr. Roger Liebi

    Over seven hours of solid Biblical teaching and concluding Q&A session, recorded live at our global headquarters in 2014.

    Dr. Liebi’s “The Messiah in the Temple” is a profound work which uncovers the Second Temple sanctuary at Jerusalem during the time of Jesus Christ to clearly reveal astounding symbolism and its significant role in the New Testament. In this seminar, not only does Dr. Liebi share essential truths from his book, but he also discusses with crystal clarity the Third Temple as foreseen by the prophet Ezekiel.

    “Roger Liebi has written the most extensive detailed but easy to understand work on the Second Temple, the Temple of Yhua’s Day. He describes every detail of the temple compound, its biblical and rabbinic practice, and its typology with the Person and Work of the Messiah. At the seminar he will give a vivid description of that temple that appears so frequently in the life of the Messiah and in the Book of Acts. I highly recommend all who are able to attend to do so and be ready for a great time of learning.” — Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum

    Jerusalem in the year 30 is the religious center of Judaism. Join Dr. Liebi on a breathtaking walk through the streets of the Jewish metropolis and visit the Jewish Temple, the former architectural wonder of the ancient world. There you will experience an encounter with the Messiah Jesus from Galilee! Using a marvelous model of the Second Temple (based on the very latest archaeological excavations and discoveries on the Temple Mount) you’ll be introduced to the symbolism of the Temple in light of the New Testament, and many of places mentioned there will come to life before your eyes in a very vivid way:

    • The Portico of Solomon (Acts 5:12)
    • the Middle Wall of Partition (Eph. 2:14)
    • the Beautiful Gate (Acts 3,2)
    • the Gate of the Firstborn, where the child Jesus had been presented (Luke 2:22)
    • the Chel, where the twelve year old Jesus sat among the scholars (Luke 2:41)
    • the Pinnacle of the Temple (Luke 4:9)
    • the Portico of Treasury (John 8,20)
    • the place of Sanhedrin, where the trial of Jesus took place (Mat. 26:59)
    • and the steps of the northern Portico leading to the Antonia Fortress, where Paul gave his personal testimony (Acts 21:40).

    On Tuesday evening before the crucifixion, Jesus Christ was on the Mount of Olives. In plain view of the Temple area, he gave an astonishing summary of the future of the Second Temple and the signs of the end times (Matthew 24; Mark 13; Luke 21). The already since long time fulfilled prophecies about the destruction of the Temple give the clue to a correct understanding of the End time signs. Dr. Liebi answers the questions: Where do we stand today? Can we classify the current events in the prophetic panorama of the Holy Scriptures?

    Approximate Running Time: 7.25 hours, on 6 DVDs (includes bonus CD containing PowerPoint slides).