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  • The Holocaust: History and Theology - MP3

    The Holocaust: History and Theology - MP3

    by Messianic Rabbi, Mottel Baleston

    Over six hours of solid Biblical teaching, recorded live during Camp Shoshanah 2007. This course covers the history of the Holocaust and interprets it from a biblical perspective. This study incorporating Jewish history affirms the reliability of Scripture, augments and further explains the Biblical narrative. It corrects misconceptions and prejudices regarding the Jewish people, as well as explains the Jewish opposition towards Christendom. Rabbi Baleston's teaching gives life to Jewish heritage, culture, values, and discusses the influence of Jewish History upon Western History. The student will better understand the God of History and His unique relationship to His covenant people.

    Print The Holocaust: History and Theology outline and follow along with Mottel as as he teaches the Word of God.

    DOWNLOAD FILE SIZE: 89MB, unzips to 10 TRACKS, 6.5 HOURS of MP3 AUDIO