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  • What The Bible Teaches Concerning Sin - DVD

    What The Bible Teaches Concerning Sin - DVD

    by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum

    Recorded live during Camp Shoshanah 2011. This study is covered by Dr. Fruchtenbaum in eleven major divisions. The different Hebrew, Greek, and English words that somehow convey the concept of sin is first discussed. Then the following: The Definition of Sin, The Origin of Sin, The Universality of Sin, Man's Estate Under Sin, The Sin-Nature: Original Sin, Personal Sin, Imputed Sin, Sin in the Believer's Life, The Final Triumph Over All Sin, and The Nature of the Law. It will be shown how through the Messiah, the believer can conquer all of the different types of sins. Pop the DVD into your player and attend class when it's convenient for you! Move forward or backward through chapters to review lesson segments at anytime.

    Print the exegetical outline and follow along with Dr. Fruchtenbaum as he teaches the Word of God.

    Approximate Running Time: 1:31 hours, on 1 DVD.