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Roberto Anchondo, Director (El Paso, Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico)

Roberto Anchondo represents Ariel Ministries in parts of the Southwest regions of the U.S. and some cities in Mexico. Upon studying Dr. Fruchtenbaum's work, he recognized the missing link and became interested in teaching the Jewish interpretation of God's Word.

He is currently discipling groups of men in the Jewish perspective. He also works with numerous churches in Mexico, teaching the importance of standing by Israel. The following article by Roberto is from Ariel's Summer 2014 Magazine:

A Quest to Reach the Hurting Souls in Juárez

by Roberto Anchondo

My team and I have been working in Juárez and surrounding cities since the violence started in Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico. But the preparations for evangelizing the city started years before, when God's providence brought me and a messianic believer together almost 25 years ago, by way of a chance meeting in West Covina, California. Our friendship blossomed because it was a gift from God. As a result, our close bond turned out to be one of God's instruments, to assist in evangelizing in the most violent city in the world at the time, which today is known as the most violent city in North America.

Ariel's Summer 2014 MagazineI moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1995, but kept in close contact with my friend, Eric Gozlan. Eric is a messianic, Moroccan Jew from Canada. At one time, Eric set up a trust fund to be utilized strictly for evangelism. When the time came, he appointed me as the administrator. Together, we made a covenant to use the funds for the spreading of the gospel to Jewish people around the world. The remaining funds from this trust fund were used to sponsor a messianic conference in March 2014, during which Rabbi Jacques Gabizon taught on the subjects, Messiah in Isaiah and End-Time Prophecy to numerous pastors and Mexican Jews, including a Mexican Rabbi, as well as members from various congregations.

Jacques' teaching hit Juárez like a bolt of lightning. Since there is actually very little amount of teaching on the Word of God, but rather an emotional-type of teaching, stemming from Pentecostalism, the people of Juárez are not accustomed to the solid Messianic perspective of the Scriptures.

In New Mexico, I stumbled upon family secrets that had been hidden. Unknowingly, on both sides of my family, members were practicing Jewish customs for generations. I just assumed they were Hispanic customs. Upon discovery, I set out on a research quest, only to find out that I was a Crypto Jew, a descendant of the Sephardic Jews from Spain, also known as conversos, forced converts to Roman Catholicism, and the derogatory term, ‘marranos,' meaning ‘swine.'

One of my ancestors from my father's side was one of the 12 founders of the state of Chihuahua by the name of Jose Matias Perez de Anziondo, a Jewish converso from Spain. The surname, 'Perez de Anziondo' was later changed to ‘Anchondo.' My grandparents on my mother's side were also from the Anusim (the hidden ones) by the names of Vargas, Sigala, and Meza. Meza in Spanish means “table,” which originates from the table of showbread in the temple. Some Vargas were persecuted by the Mexican inquisition in Mexico City.

Based on the research, I discovered that there was, and is, a great awakening all over the Americas. Latinos are finding their Hebrew roots. Unfortunately, many are returning to Judaism and not back to the Word of God. With that in mind, as one of many evangelistic projects, my friend and I set out to reach the Hispanics, because many are Jews and do not know it. They were not raised as Jews, but secretly, their ancestors retained and practiced Jewish traditions while practicing Roman Catholicism. Nevertheless, that did not change the make-up in their DNA — they are descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and this explains the love for Israel that burns in their hearts, which no man has placed there. It is the Spirit, which causes them to yearn for Zion because they, too, are a part of the apple of God's eye.

When the killings started in Juárez, Chihuahua, three of my family members were violently murdered there, two first cousins, and the husband of another first cousin. Consequently, the doors of opportunity were open. We went into Juárez to find hurting people with a desperate desire for the Lord. Initially, we began street evangelism at the ports of entry and later distributed Bibles and literature in Juárez, Mexico. Shortly thereafter, this led to coordinating with numerous groups of pastors, organizations, and individuals. Missionaries were supported, evangelistic events were organized, thousands of Bibles and over one million tracts were imported and distributed, which, in turn, and most importantly, reached souls for our Lord, Yeshua HaMachiach.

The people of Juárez are very receptive to the Gospel, due to their pain and suffering. Please pray for the children in Juárez. With all the murders, there are literally thousands of orphans living in the streets. Selah.

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