Ariel Ministries materials including all Books, eBooks, Messianic Bible Studies, DVDs, MP3s, and PDFs are not to be translated or distributed without prior written permission. The Come and See series is designed only for free personal study. Please contact the Home Office for authorization beyond individual use.


Authorized Ariel branches and ministry partners around the world are working to translate the Come and See study materials into other languages. This is a considerable task, and we greatly appreciate their hard efforts. Foreign language translations currently available include:

  • Afrikaans — provided courtesy of
  • French — provided courtesy of Ariel Canada
  • Hebrew — provided courtesy of Ariel Israel
  • Hungarian — provided courtesy of Ariel Hungary
  • Russian — provided courtesy of Ariel Israel

We'll be adding more other language translation links to this page as soon as they become available. Please check back. Thank you and Shalom!

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