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John B. Metzger

Field Representative

Ariel United States: Matthews, NC

Field Representatives at Ariel Ministries are those who carry the mission and vision of Ariel into their local context. Each of them have been vetted, validated, and fully endorsed by the ministry to function in their gifts and calling. They are all raising their own financial support to continue in ministry and operating in their own unique gifting (teacher/educator, evangelist, pastor, etc.). We invite you to contact them to partner with you and your local body in ministry. We would also encourage you to actively support their work in prayer and with financial resources.

John came to faith at the age of 14 (July 23rd, 1960 to be precise) through the ministry of the Christian Youth Crusade held at Riverdale Baptist Church in Riverdale, Md. At the age of 16 (December 1962) he dedicated his life to full time service at the National Teen Convention (Youth for Christ) held that year in Washington, D.C. During his teen years John was grounded in the Scriptures through the faithful ministry of J. Albert Ford, the first pastor of Mclean Bible Church, Mclean, VA.

John B. MetzgerJohn's ministry experience led him into Child Evangelism Fellowship as a Field Representative and then a County Director, the pastor of a Bible church, director of an Indian Bible Institute (also as the Interim Pastor at Grace Baptist Church, Salamanca, NY), and into Jewish ministries during the past 24 years. He also worked in the secular world for 15 years for Yellow Freight Systems and Lancaster Newspapers. Currently John and his wife, Sharon are serving with Ariel Ministries and reside in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Books by John Metzger - Click to Order John met Sharon while attending Washington Bible College and married in 1968, they have been married for 51 years with two married sons, 16 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren.

John's education includes a BA from Washington Bible College in Lanham, MD graduating in 1970. He earned his Masters in Biblical Studies in 2004 from Lancaster Bible College Graduate School in Lancaster, PA. John is currently taking courses from Tyndale Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He also has attended Camp Shoshanah for 14 years and sat under the teaching of Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum as well as taking a 5-week study tour with Arnold to Israel in 1998.

John is the author of these important books:
  • The Tri-unity of God is Jewish (2005,2019), which is an abridged version of...
  • Discovering the Mystery of the Unity of God (2010)
  • God in Eclipse (2013, 2016 in Russian)
  • Israel’s Only Hope: The New Covenant (2015)
  • Poking God's Eye (2018)
  • The Law, Then and Now: What About Grace? (2019)
Invite John to come and speak at your Church or Congregation

Through his years of ministry and study of the Scriptures from Dr. Fruchtenbaum and many other sources, John is a capable speaker and can teach on many topics such as listed below:

  • Passover Seder Demonstrations
  • Jewish Evangelism Seminars
  • Why Jewish People Reject the Gospel: Historical and Theological.
  • The Tri-unity of God in the Hebrews Scriptures
  • The Jewishness of the Scriptures
  • A Jew as he Dresses for Worship - The Sh'ma
  • Abrahamic and Mosaic Covenants
  • Are Jews saved under the Law?
  • Is it necessary to obey the Law?
  • The Forbidden Passage - Daniel 9:24-27
  • The Neglected Passage - Isaiah 53
  • Identity of “The Arm” of the LORD
  • Messiah in the Tabernacle
  • The Feasts of Israel and Their Prophetic Significance
  • Hanukkah Presentations
  • First Coming References of Messiah
  • Basis of the Second Coming of Messiah
  • How the New Testament quotes the Hebrew Scriptures
  • Sermon on the Mount from a Jewish Perspective
  • The Three Messianic Miracles
  • What is the unpardonable sin?
  • Who is the Rock of Matthew 16:18?
  • Study of John 1 and 3 - Logos and Nicodemus
  • The 7 I Am's of the Gospel of John
  • The Faithfulness of God - Romans 9-11
  • Is the Palestinian state a solution to the Arab/Israeli Conflict?
  • Is the Church - Israel?
  • Was God in the Hebrew Scriptures interested in the Salvation of the Gentiles?
  • Israel, God Fossil Nation - Ezekiel 37
  • The Themes of Moses
  • The Inter-Tanakh References of the New Covenant

John is looking for opportunities to minister to the body of Messiah, the local church, to challenge, encourage and equip believers in reaching out to Jewish people as well as challenging them in their own personal spiritual growth.

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