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Digital Download Instructions


In addition to physical products like Books, CDs, and DVDs. We also sell digital products such as E-Books and MP3 files.

These "Digital Products" require a few extra steps in order to use them successfully, and this page is designed to help you solve any problems you might have when purchasing one of these resources from our website.


The E-Books we sell are in .epub or .mobi file formats that require an e-book reader in order to translate and display the appropriate content on your device. When purchasing any of these resources, be sure to select the file format for your particular device or e-book reader software.

The .epub file format can be viewed in iBooks on an iOS device. While the .mobi file format can be viewed on Kindle devices. When clicking the link to download your particular format from our website, be sure to open it in the appropriate e-book reader software on your device. Sometimes this may require you to first download the file onto your computer before transferring the file to your iOS or Kindle device. If so, be sure to also select where you want to save the file on your computer so you know where to locate it after the download is complete.

MP3 Files

Unlike E-Book files, MP3 files are universally understood by just about any device. However, sometimes we archive or "zip" some of our MP3 files when there is more than one file in a particular product. This is because we can only trigger the download of one file per purchase.

Unfortunately, this could cause a problem when downloading a zipped MP3 product from our website directly onto a mobile device that doesn't understand the zip file format. To avoid this from happening, first download the file onto a computer that can un-zip the file, revealing the individual MP3 files. From there you are free to transfer the files to your mobile device or import them into your MP3 software of choice.

E-Sword Modules

E-Sword is a free Bible study software platform used by millions of people around the world. Ariel Ministries does not provide the e-Sword software package, but only modules that can be used within the e-Sword environment. If you have not already installed e-Sword on your computer it can be downloaded for free from the eSword website. There you will also find links for the Mac, iPad and iPhone downloads.

To learn how to use the powerful and useful features of e-Sword, please go to https://www.e-sword.net. Training on e-Sword is available on the eSword website from the Navagation Tab.

E-Sword makes available many free Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, concordances, graphics and reference books (which we refer to as "modules") that can be downloaded and installed. Premium modules can be purchased through a tab within your installed version of e-Sword as well. An additional source of free as well as premium add-on modules can be found at Bible Support.

For specific instructions on how to install and use the E-Sword Modules obtained from our website, download the PDF from the link below. (PC Only)

Ariel E-Sword Instructions Ariel E-Sword Instructions (3796 KB)

If you've gone through the process for your particular download and still cannot figure out how to enjoy these resources on your device, feel free to contact us at .

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