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LOM Instructor's Manual (download)

by Denise Hayden

For those who desire to teach Arnold Fruchtenbaum's course in their home churches or small groups, this comprehensive 488-page instructor's manual compiled by Denise Hayden is ideal to facilitate in-depth group discussion. Divided into 27 teaching units, the instructor's manual is complete with all the major teaching points and added discussion questions. Includes a comprehensive 788 page PowerPoint slide presentation for use in teaching (PDF).

  • Download: (1) 488 page Instructor's Manual in color (2) plus a separate 416 page PowerPoint presentation in PDF format
  • Download File Size: 11.34MB (unzips to the 2 separate PDF's described above)
  • SAMPLE: click here to view the first chapter.
  • ISBN: 978-1-935174-17-2
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